Your Sound Galaxy light installation

October 26, 2012

Berlin-based artist Olafur Eliasson uses mathematical approach to his elaborate designs. In Your Sound Galaxy light installation features a series of hanging geometric figures that are like large celestial black jewels of the sky. Each of these intricate lights have several LED lights built into them, brightly illuminating each edge of it’s multi-faceted sides.

Graduate Collection by Jessica Leclere

October 21, 2012

These knitted garments created by textile designer Jessica Leclere for her graduation collection is beyond magnificent. Inspired by the aesthetics and beauty of Icelandic landscapes, it’s lovely palette of muted tones and cooled blues are calming and memorable. And, the precise intricacy in the dip-dyed string that you see through-out the collection is a complete work of art . . . Continue Reading…

Vish Spring 2013

October 16, 2012

Designers Andreia Schmidt Passos and Luiz Wachelke newest collection for their brand Vish, titled “Home is where the heart is” is exactly what I would like for my Spring wardrobe. The fabrics, silhouette and setting of the collection is so very romantic, with a sort of moody, dreamy feel . . . Continue Reading…

Northern Women in Chanel

October 8, 2012

Photographer Peter Farago and his stylist wife Ingela Klemetz-Farago took their “Northern Women in Chanel” exhibit last month to the tiny island off the coast of Norway called Verdens Ende, which literally translates in English to “The end of the Earth“. The beautiful icy landscape and immense rocky backdrops are the perfect location for these interesting and stunning collection of photos . . . Continue Reading…