Architectural Beauty: Chenequa Residence, Wisconsin

Posted on September 6th, 2012

This curvaceous Wisconsin home was custom built by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz. The inside features a gorgeous spiraling hem-lock roof that “sweeps over the entry and lifts the upper floor before disappearing from plain view”. The Chenequa Residence is almost completely constructed from natural materials that Mr Oshatz sourced himself and with it’s beautiful outdoor landscape, each area of this home celebrates the resounding beauty of nature.





all images sourced from archdaily

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  1. Dan / September 7, 2012:

    I love houses that have a nice view, and how would you feel if you were living in the middle of all this beauty and wasn’t able to enjoy the view fully… Houses with a lot of windows and open areas are my preferred … Nothing can beat the beauty of the nature

  2. Mohammad Tanvir / September 8, 2012:


  3. classiq / September 10, 2012:

    Beautiful architecture! It fits into the landscape so well.

  4. ann / September 10, 2012:

    thanks for this!

  5. sir jorge / September 12, 2012:

    this is by far the most beautiful home I’ve seen in a long time, i can’t believe it, maybe someday i can live in a home like that, it’s something to strive for

  6. mark / September 13, 2012:

    A beautiful home in a beautiful place that appears to just grow out of the hillside with both private and public spaces – it really is an amazingly organic home

  7. Sarah Jackson / September 17, 2012:

    such a dreamy house :)

  8. dan / September 28, 2012:

    This is such a modern, retro, and nature-like house. Awesome

  9. Holland and Green / October 5, 2012:

    Amazing – open plan spaces, all natural design – wood and stone. I am speechless!

  10. mona / October 27, 2012:

    thats so nice and dreamy ..i love o live in this house!

  11. Vance / October 27, 2012:

    Words can not describe how looking at this made me feel, i was speechless. Absolutely beautiful

  12. northierthanthou / November 2, 2012:

    Super-cool stairway.

  13. Umar Jamil / December 5, 2012:

    I wish i would have a home like this :(

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