Architectural Beauty: An Ivy Covered Art Studio

Posted on June 8th, 2012

This quaint ivy-encased shed located in San Francisco is really quite something! Architect Scott Lewis spruced up the tired metal exterior of this old building with a lovely layer of green ivy, transforming it into a much more appealing place for an art studio.

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  1. Marie / June 8, 2012:

    amazing! i can only imagine how nice it must be to just sit around in it during the day…

  2. cecylia / June 8, 2012:

    woah this is increidble- the lush greens set up at luxurious and tranquil work space! I DIE!

  3. Espadrille154 / June 9, 2012:

    Amanda! your blog is so lovely.. I just added it to my favorites :)

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