architectural beauty: home of doug aitken

Posted on April 2nd, 2012

Just discovered this beautiful home owned by california artist Doug Aitken. “For Doug the house is more like an artwork,” said Ponsa, an obsessive foodie who met Aitken in her native Barcelona. She has claimed one of the two upstairs bedrooms as an office where she is developing a Spanish-language cooking show for television. “For me,” she said, “this is an organism — my dream house, where the materials and the architecture don’t intrude on the nature around it.” . . . source

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  1. inner-outerbeauty / April 4, 2012:

    This is such an interesting home! A little too much wood for me personally, but I totally get the architechture and the harmony with the nature.

  2. Sara / April 4, 2012:

    What a wallpaper! I really like the gridded glazing, almost like a Mondrian painting.

  3. Hind / April 8, 2012:

    Very nice design! wood makes everything look so nice.. cheers

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