chanel fall 2012 collection {the crystal fortress}

Posted on March 7th, 2012

Karl’s latest collection looks like it was being shown deep inside a labyrinth of amethyst mines. The runway was layered in white glittery sand that almost seemed snow-like beneath the models feet, and each outfit I looked at was glamorous, futuristic and that brand of chic that is truly unique only to Chanel. I also loved Karl’s take on the current intricate layering trend, a delightful twist on the norm as he mixed feathers, tweed and papier-mâché like fabrics to create a collection that was beyond just memorable, but mesmerizing as well. source

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  1. Lana / March 7, 2012:

    Super creative but not entirely a practical wardrobe! Love the setting he created though.

  2. Thea vintage / March 7, 2012:

    Oh the Chanel shows are always magical! Beautiful blog!

  3. Captivated by image / March 7, 2012:

    The details are brilliant and gorgeous, but to be honest I think the shapes and fits from the clothing feels to futuristic for Chanel…

  4. Andrea / March 7, 2012:

    Oh wow – Chanel always puts on the most glorious shows.

    Andrea x

  5. chila / March 8, 2012:

    It’s like a dream

  6. Sarah Klassen / March 14, 2012:

    So incredible—I am in love with all of the details and consideration that went into the art direction! x

  7. Sishi Semet / March 27, 2012:

    wow, this collection is super amazing! with intricate concept, details, fabrics, & silhouette, it seems like Karl is a superman. :)

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