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March 2012

eleven objects fall 2012

March 30, 2012

Eleven Objects Fall 2012 collection is beautifully crafted, something you’d expect to see from a veteran brand, so it makes it even more special that this is their first full collection. Going beyond their ever so popular collars, they created these beautiful and intricately sewn dresses for the upcoming fall season. The baroque design is just amazing, with hand-applied gold foil, luxe silk organza and stand-out metallic fabrics . . . source

{architectural beauty} the heart of nature, south africa

March 14, 2012

Imagined by Architect Antonio Zaninovic, this nature inspired home located outside of Cape Town was designed with unique overlapping glass cubes, as a way to reflect the breathtaking mountain and sea surroundings back onto it’s outside surface. The interior is also beautifully decorated with a very complimentary lush green and white palette (love) . . . source

j.crew fall 2012 collection

March 10, 2012

I finally got to sit down and take a complete look at the new J.Crew Fall 2012 lookbook and I am quite enjoying the overall preppy and eccentric look of this collection; lots of repeating floral, tweed and animal inspired prints mixed with a varied and sometimes vivid color palette. source

chanel fall 2012 collection {the crystal fortress}

March 7, 2012

Karl’s latest collection looks like it was being shown deep inside a labyrinth of amethyst mines. The runway was layered in white glittery sand that almost seemed snow-like beneath the models feet, and each outfit I looked at was glamorous, futuristic and that brand of chic that is truly unique only to Chanel. I also loved Karl’s take on the current intricate layering trend, a delightful twist on the norm as he mixed feathers, tweed and papier-mâché like fabrics to create a collection that was beyond just memorable, but mesmerizing as well. source