{a vintage inspired kitchen}

Posted on February 14th, 2012

I am love finding those those inspiring perfect kitchens that incorporate modern and contemporary designs with strong rustic vintage flare… And these gorgeous photos I discovered are a great example of how to use vintage decor to create something timeless and beautiful . . . via

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  1. chai / February 15, 2012:

    lovely! i especially adore those little hanging things used as flower pots ♥

  2. Joy / February 15, 2012:

    this does looks so so amazing!

  3. Holly / February 15, 2012:

    I love those hanging buckets and the tarnished silver in the last photo!

  4. LatteLisa / February 15, 2012:

    this is my idea of a happy kitchen, I’d love to work in this one

    thanks for sharing ;-)

  5. Plami / February 15, 2012:

    What a beautiful home <3


  6. rebekka / February 22, 2012:

    I am absolutely LOVING your blog!

  7. mambo / February 22, 2012:

    I absolutely LOVE that kitchen…it’s perfect.

  8. doublexuan / March 4, 2012:

    Sorry for leaving so many comments, but your blog has way too much pretty things! I would die to live in this kitchen.

  9. Zedpea / March 6, 2012:

    These photos are amazing! I wish my kitchen was like any of these, and I just love the last photo! Half polished, half tarnished silver – wouldn’t get away with it in my grandmother’s day but these days it’s just beautiful!

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