wedding inspiration: jenny packham fall 2012

Posted on November 7th, 2011

I’m loving this new bridal collection from Jenny Packham. The gowns are gorgeous with some lovely vintage 1920s inspiration throughout. The intricate beading, relaxed silk and soft, feminine silhouettes make this collection a definite favorite for Fall 2012.

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  1. indie by heart / November 7, 2011:

    These dresses made me desperately dream of a proposal.. <3 Gorgeous.. Just the lovely vintage feel that one day I hope to have in my dress.. ^^ Girl can dream!

  2. Andrea / November 7, 2011:

    I absolutely love Jenny Packham I have so many of her wedding dresses saved on my laptop, everything is so ethereal and beautiful. Lovely post!

  3. Elizabeth / November 7, 2011:

    Ugh!! Gorgeous. The bottom left is absolutely impeccable. If it weren’t white I’d be tempted to buy it :)

    Btw, I love your blog, I visit frequently and have it in my favorites. Always cool stuff here. Recently reblogged one of the Donna Karan wooden purses – glad you’re bringing some badass fashion to the public eye!

  4. m.fay / November 7, 2011:

    well. these are romantic! big fan of the breezy sleeves.

  5. gizelle faye / November 12, 2011:

    i’m in love with these wedding dresses…and i’m so glad to have found your blog so i can discover her collection. i’m planning my own wedding and i gotta’ start with the wedding dress..right? hehe

  6. Plami / November 14, 2011:

    OMG these are to die for! <3


  7. Madeline / November 14, 2011:

    Top Left. I need to find myself a husband.

  8. Sarah Klassen / November 14, 2011:

    Hello Amanda!

    I hope that your weekend is going very well so far… as for this beautiful post, I am in love with the last two styles—they are divine! I think this is the sort of look that I would like to have when I get married one day. Something elegant and fitting, yet not stuffy and puffy :)


  9. Nya23 / November 16, 2011:

    these r bridal gowns!? i think i would wear them as ball gowns. either or they are stunning! love love love!!!

  10. Sishi Semet / November 16, 2011:

    these dress are sophisticated, elegant, and dreamy. everything we wanted on our wedding dress. i especially love the silhouette, flowy fabrics, and details. really are inspirational. i wonder if i modified it into a long sleeve dress. :)

  11. Vanessa / November 16, 2011:

    Some of the most beautiful wedding dresses i’ve seen! X

  12. Lisa / November 16, 2011:

    Simply divine.
    Lisa x

  13. Carolyn / November 17, 2011:

    wow such elegant gowns, yet a total twist on the traditional. truly lovely <3

  14. Marie / December 1, 2011:

    Heavenly, especially the gowns on the left. So wonderful to have found this blog.

  15. Alla / December 12, 2011:

    Oh my lord, the things I would do for that fourth dress. It is stunning! You always find the most beautiful stuff.

  16. Victoria / February 26, 2012:

    This is such a beautiful post, Amanda! I’m so happy to have found your blog. I especially love the third and fourth dress, they’re both simply divine! Oh, to get married!

  17. Marissa / October 25, 2012:

    i so want that first one to be my wedding dress one day.

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