(zara woman) march 2011 lookbook

Posted on March 7th, 2011

. . . Fell in love with Zara’s woman march 2011 lookbook. The burst of color in each outfit is incredibly well done and very clean and minimal. (more)

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  1. Hope Ava / March 7, 2011:

    Oh I love that first one sooo much! Chic, elegant, and casual all at the same time…

  2. Jessica Kelly / March 7, 2011:

    oh my that first skirt is breathtaking…I must have it!

  3. Christy / March 7, 2011:

    I especially like that long skirt. How I wish we had a Zara even remotely close to New Orleans!

  4. Plami / March 8, 2011:

    Stylish as always! I love them!



  5. Sarah Klassen / March 9, 2011:

    I ADORE these outfits, especially no.01 and 05—so minimalist, yet fabulous… I think I might have to add a few of these pieces into my wardrobe for Spring. There is something so perfect about them… the collection definitely reminds me of Céline, but Zara of course is entirely affordable for me right now… hope you are having a wonderful evening, my friend, xoxo

  6. (amanda) / March 9, 2011:

    I love how minimalist it is too! so easy to integrate into my everyday wardrobe. thanks for the sweet comment, sarah. xo

  7. ondressingup / March 12, 2011:

    I adore the minimalism. It really focuses you on the shape and details of the clothes. I really wish we had a Zara here in NZ.

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