architectural beauty: indoor treehouse, washington

Posted on February 8th, 2011

When I first discovered this home I was amazed by how large it was (6,000sqft!) but after going through each image I was immediately taken back by this large and child-like treehouse in the middle of the home! I also love the vivid forest wallpaper in the background, such a wonderful finishing touch. (source)

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  1. Tracy Thunderbolt / February 8, 2011:

    This is the coolest! Now I don’t think I could ever settle for living anywhere besides a secret indoor tree house.

  2. Mallory / February 8, 2011:

    Good grief! New life dream – have a house with a treehouse in it (and outside it – treehouses everywhere!).

  3. lark + linen / February 10, 2011:

    how fun!!

    As an aside, I wanted to compliment you on the little smiley face in the bottom left hand corner of your site. I like him. I think his name should be Elliott.


  4. Erica / February 13, 2011:

    God, this is a lovely house! All my childhood I wanted to have a house on a tree. Having a house on a tree inside my own house would be a dream!
    Loved it!

  5. Marjory / January 12, 2012:

    A house within a house, how lovely! Ah the coziness of a tree house. The intimacy. Thanks.

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