something i really want: a nestrest {decor}

Posted on November 8th, 2010

The NestRest is a hanging pod lounger, hanging from high quality dedon fibers. It reminds me of a bird nest, that is large enough to accommodate an average human! This is definitely a step up from the old hammock we are all used to. (source)

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  1. Lauren / November 8, 2010:

    This is just absolutely amazing!

  2. Mallory / November 8, 2010:

    All I want to do right now is to climb into one of those and read/nap all afternoon.

  3. Jaz / November 9, 2010:

    Love the blog btw. I really like the idea of it over the water but it seems like getting in and out could be difficult with a book.

  4. {r} / November 9, 2010:

    such a fun idea — above the water looks the most lovely, although would have to be certain it were well-fastened indeed!

    thanks for the link-love xoxo

  5. Lela - seaseight / November 10, 2010:

    I want it too!

  6. Pearl / November 11, 2010:

    umm….thats way cool!
    I want one!

  7. John / November 22, 2010:

    shriek!!! but first i need a tree or solid cieling beam.

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