pretty clothes by brochu walker (fall/winter 2010)

Posted on August 20th, 2010

Probably one of my favorite everyday collections for the upcoming fall / winter season. This collection is huge also – 60+ images on their website, so many lovely pieces to choose from. Now if only Fall would hurry up already… {source}

* favorite links for this week:
(desserts for breakfast) (dye experiments) (a gem) (white and blond wood)

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(dream away with liu wen) (pretty soy candles) (marie claire turkey) (office treehouse)

Hope everyone’s weekend is beautiful! :)

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  1. Natasha / August 20, 2010:


  2. Lulu / August 21, 2010:

    aw, it’s hard to think about warm weather…but these outfits look so cosy!

  3. Amy / August 21, 2010:

    Long knits rock my world – what great colors! Big fan of burgundy over here.

    xx Amy

  4. Sarah Klassen / August 22, 2010:

    oh my, how did I not know about this? You, lovely Amanda, always have the most wonderful finds, truly! I must visit this site!

    wishing you a fabulous weekend :)


  5. Sarah / August 22, 2010:

    I love the right one, beautiful red!

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