architectural beauty: a tiny victorian cottage, new york

Posted on August 19th, 2010

… Isn’t this home magical? I really cant get enough of it! Renovated from an old hunting cabin it was turned into a true Victorian dream. Total cost of the renovation? – only $3,000. The owner Ms. Foster went to various flea markets and salvage shops to help decorate the home. Her personal story was also really nice as well. You can see a few more photos and read more, here.

source | all images by nytimes

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  1. Lulu / August 19, 2010:

    oh my GOODNESS this is is beyond perfect! ahh i adore adore adore it!

  2. Delia / August 19, 2010:

    I simply love this……so magical…… I want one!!!!!

  3. colleen / August 19, 2010:

    i wrote about that in my blog too, it’s so cute!

  4. Veshoevius / August 20, 2010:

    Saw this on NY times – it’s amazing what she did with essentially a lot of cast offs!

  5. lisaroy / August 20, 2010:

    what a perfect little girly hideaway :)

  6. Camilla / August 20, 2010:

    wow. this is incredible xxx

  7. Lena / August 21, 2010:

    Such a beautiful space, and you’re right-her personal story is touching.

  8. ALIOMI / August 23, 2010:

    this is perfection. such beauty & really amazing. I adore your blog! xx
    Vintage, DIY & Custom by NYC Chicks!

  9. Josie / August 23, 2010:

    I saw this a few weeks ago and just totally fell in love, I need a hideaway like this!

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