Marchesa Spring 2010

Posted on September 17th, 2009

Georgina Chapman never disappoints me, I’ve adored her collection since she and Keren Craig began in 2004. The delicate lace, soft satin and the tattooed legs (are they stockings? I cant tell). This is another collection I’ll view over and over in admiration. . .

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  1. Jane Flanagan / September 17, 2009:

    The white one with the ruffled skirt is insane. Wow – I would love to try it on!

  2. Carolann / September 18, 2009:

    Dear Marchesa – thanks for designing clothes that allow women to be women and feel forever beautiful. And thanks Lace & Tea for sharing these pics!

  3. Carolineb / January 16, 2010:

    about the black and white pencil dress i wonder about the detail do you have a back side picture

  4. Sandra / September 25, 2011:

    omg amazing

  5. Solanah / September 26, 2011:

    Wow, stunning. Love the applique details!

  6. Edith / September 28, 2011:

    These dresses are beautiful.

  7. elyseY. / September 28, 2011:

    These dresses are absolutely stunning and amazing. Fallen in love. <3

  8. Jess / September 29, 2011:

    Oh wow. You’ve open up a whole new obsession in me!

    I love the tattooed legs, they must be tights. They look great. Some of the shoes are bizarre too.

    Really love the long white dress with black detail. Absolutely amazing.

  9. aileen / September 29, 2011:

    these are so beautiful, especially the purple one and the white with the black flowers, if i could have i would have worn the purple to a prom and the white to my wedding.

  10. Samantha / September 30, 2011:

    Marchesa dresses are always so beautiful. I wore a Marchesa dress to prom last year and I’ve never felt to pretty in my life! The craftsmanship is use unbelievable!

  11. Mara / September 30, 2011:

    The tattooed legs are stockings (see bottom picture). And that purple dress it absolutely stunning!! <3

  12. Cheyenne / October 1, 2011:

    That purple dress is soo stunning. I can’t even imagine wearing a dress as gorgoeus as that.

  13. Amelia @ Ugly Duckling / October 2, 2011:

    Wow, those dresses are gorgeous!

    I particularly like the full length black and white one and the lilac one.

  14. Angie / October 9, 2011:

    I LOVE, LOVE these dresses!. Especially the long black & white with the side lace. Where can I buy it and how much do they cost. Gorgeous! Please share.

  15. Lisa Price / October 14, 2011:

    These are pure elegant beauty – I love them all!

  16. Gretta / October 21, 2011:

    These samples are OUTRAGEOUS! I love the tights the models are wearing, so amazing. The white dress with the black aplique is simply devine and the purple evening gown is so elegant and so whimsical!
    YUM. Fashion overload.

  17. Monni Swizzle / November 4, 2011:

    These photographs are AMAZING! The outfits are just simply stunning ^^

  18. Elizabeth / November 23, 2011:

    the tattoo legs are tights, in the bottom photo you can’t see the toe holes.

  19. özge / March 6, 2012:

    Thats grreat!!

  20. Erica / March 23, 2012:

    I love the ivory with black lace mermaid/trumpet dress. I would love to know more about it or where I can find one. I am a bride to be, and I adore this dress.

  21. Bryanna Sanders / April 10, 2012:

    How can you buy these dresses?

  22. Amanda / April 10, 2012:

    These dresses were from a few years ago (2010) so they are more than likely not available for purchase anymore.

  23. Stephanie / April 23, 2012:

    BEAUTIFUL! this is so inspiring… keep it coming!!

  24. Dara / April 28, 2012:

    The long beige dress with the black is absolutely gorgeous! I really really want it!! And the tights the model is wearing are fabulous :)

  25. Cheryl Chan / June 12, 2012:


  26. Ellie / August 13, 2012:

    That purple dress is absolutely gorgeous. I wish…

    Ellie xx

  27. Lily / January 15, 2013:


  28. Ev / April 9, 2013:

    Incredible, feminine and completely dreamy.
    |Ev xo

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